Shawna Vercher

Senior Partner

Shawna Vercher Second Line ConsultingShawna is the person that people call when things reach a critical point. New products are being launched. A company is managing rapid growth. A campaign is ready to surge. A piece of legislation needs to be passed. Or a crisis hits and it needs to be contained before it becomes a disaster.

Shawna possesses a unique trait of shining under pressure and able to work seamlessly with your team on the ground. Her unique background includes technology, media, politics, management strategy and brand development. Whether you need her in your conference room mapping out a plan, in front of a camera or on the stage reassuring your board, clients or citizens, or next to you as you take the next important steps, Shawna and her team are there to relieve your stress and ensure that you see positive results.

If You Know Shawna You Know That: Shawna’s hobbies include singing and she’s currently working on her third album. She also loves game shows (the cheesier the better!) and appeared on one years ago – and the center of her universe is her daughter who is twelve going on forty.


Carolyn Holzman

Senior Partner

Carolyn Holzman Second Line ConsultingMetrician, internet expert, super nerd or super genius – whatever you choose to call what Carolyn specializes in, the one thing everyone agrees on is that her methods get results. Carolyn leverages years of experience, industry-leading certifications and training from some of the world’s most renowned experts to build a measurable, results-oriented approach to harnessing the power of the web.

Why isn’t your website appearing where you want? She can tell you. How do you get more exposure online? She can make that happen. How do you control people’s impressions of you when they are looking for you or your business? She knows how all of the pieces fit together and how to craft a story to your target audience that is comprehensive and effective.

Fun Humanoid Facts: Carolyn is an AVID football fan and her teams are the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Dolphins. Her favorite place to travel is Vermont with her husband and son, and in her previous life she was an orchestral violist touring Europe, Asia and Canada.

Brad Silvers


Brad Silvers Second Line ConsultingBrad possesses the trifecta of skills to make him the perfect part of the Second Line team. His extensive background in the media – both traditional and online – is invaluable to our clients’ projects. His experience in the United States Navy prepared him to handle any situation with a level head and attention to detail. And his genuine good nature is why you will enjoy working with him as much as we do.

Sure Brad was instrumental in the launch of The Jerry Doyle Show, America’s Morning News, The Andrea Tantaros Show, The Phil Hendrie Show and Americas Radio News Network. And, yeah, he was one of the youngest sailors to have been awarded the title of Craft Navigator at Assault Craft Unit One in Coronado. But the fact that he only knows one way to do things – the right way – is what really sets him apart in our industry.

If You Are Ever Looking for Brad: If he’s not at his desk working, then Brad is either spending time with his daughter on a soccer field or hiking and camping in the mountains of Southern Oregon.


The Team

Second Line Consulting has built relationships with a team of industry leaders across the country who bring their expertise to the table to help our clients achieve their goals. We work with professionals of the highest caliber and they believe in providing lasting value that positively impacts a project. We have all been working in our fields for many years and it is constantly changing, but the one thing that remains constant is our reputation of being one of the best teams to work with in the country.

Contact us today so that we can play our part in helping you to achieve your goals.