The next evolution of communication technology.

Whether it is reaching targeted group of people or the ability to reach out to millions of cell phone users in a geographic area, partnering with Second Line Consulting enables you to send relevant and compliant messages like never before.

We provide access to a patented technology suite of products to get your message to the right people in a meaningful way.

Political Campaigns

  • Communicate quickly with your donors in a personal way for fundraising.
  • Leverage the time your candidate has by leaving personal messages, such as donor outreach, in bulk.
  • Pivot your message at the speed of the news cycle – broadcasts can be set up and broadcast in less time than it takes the ink to dry on the latest story.
  • Help strengthen the power of your budget by reaching more voters for less.
  • Enhance and improve the results of your Get Out The Vote initiatives.
  • 100% compliant with campaign regulations.

Municipalities, Agencies and Elected Officials

  • Stay connected in a meaningful and memorable way to the people that you serve.
  • Reach your citizens immediately in event of emergency or urgent situations.
  • Keep key people informed in a cost-effective way that they will appreciate.
  • Reach demographics that printed mail or newspapers leave behind.
  • 100% TCPA and FCC compliant.

 Non-Profit Groups and Educational Institutions

  • Connect to supporters, donors and alumni in a thoughtful way that increases likelihood of response.
  • Ensure successful events with personal invitations that are delivered directly to your list.
  • Reduce the cost of community outreach by limiting your need for printed mail and phone banking staff.

 Global Businesses

  • Let us help you identify and reach your potential customers by the millions around the globe.
  • Whether it’s announcements, promotions or upcoming events, Mastered Message™ will deliver your communication directly to the voicemail of the cell phone users on your list or that we have curated for you.
  • They can listen to it when they are ready. Your audience can listen, save or share your message at no additional cost to you.
  • We work with regulatory agencies and industry specialists to ensure that your messages is always fully compliant to protect your brand.

How It Works

Step 1 – You provide us with your list of contacts via a simple and secure link – or request us to pull cell phone data from a geographic area.*

Step 2 – We can help craft a personal audio message for you to record or you can use our easy-to-use system from any phone to create a message on the go.

Step 3 – We program in any call back number you want to show on the recipient’s voicemail display.

Step 4 – We compare your list to the Federal Do Not Call Database to ensure that you are protected and your audience is respected.

Step 5 – We schedule the date and time for your broadcast on the platform to send your message – whether it’s by the thousands or by the millions – directly into the cell phone Voicemail Inbox of your audience.

You pay only for those calls that are successfully delivered.

Mastered Message™ is Reliable, Non-Obtrusive and Cost-Effective – The next evolution of communication technology.


*Providing phone lists may not available to all customers based on regulatory issues