When crisis hits we should be your first phone call. Our Second Line Consulting team steps in immediately to assess, contain, and ultimately manage crisis situations for celebrities, athletes, politicians, executives, organizations, and corporate brands. Here are a few of the scenarios where we can help:
  • A corporate executive has unflattering or unsavory information about to be made public
  • A candidate running for office is looking to change the public perception of who they are or their positions
  • A celebrity needs to rehabilitate or revitalize their image before their next appearance
  • An elected official or organization needs to build public support for government funding or legislation
  • A personal or professional scandal needs to be handled discreetly and ethically
We work with onsite teams and local law enforcement to ensure that potentially catastrophic situations are contained and handled appropriately. We then work with your leadership and legal teams to craft talking points to be delivered to employees, investors, communities, or the press. Our goal is to protect your image and advance your agenda. Once the initial wave of press has been weathered, our expert team “bats cleanup” by strengthening your image to move forward effectively. We utilize strategic messaging, public appearances, and positive press so that you recover better than where you started once the unexpected happens. Contact Us today to find out how we can alleviate your worry immediately.