Intersectional Messaging

The case is clear that inspiring voters or consumers who are diverse is the key to winning at the ballot box or improving your organization’s bottom line. Our team at Second Line Consulting has decades of combined experience reaching people from all walks of life successfully in a targeted and strategic way including:

  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Age and Generation
  • Gender and Gender Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religious and Spiritual Beliefs
  • Socioeconomic Status and Background

What we are seeing now is a growing trend where pollsters ask people questions and then draw incorrect – and often insulting – conclusions from their answers. The key is knowing the right questions to ask and how to accurately interpret answers so that people feel heard.

Intersectional messaging enables you to rally a community of people around your issue or brand. Including people in a polling sample is not the same as understanding how to reach them. To see results you need a compelling call to action that speaks to the individual priorities, as well as our shared human values.

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