Media Strategy

Media Strategy

Your Message is important.

We help you to develop your exact communication and how it can best be delivered.

There are a number of things that are involved in conveying a message effectively:

  • Is it emotionally compelling?
  • Is the person delivering it believable and likeable?
  • Was it able to be taken out of context or misinterpreted?
  • Was it buried in too much confusing or additional information?
  • Are there other people reinforcing it and offering their public support?

An effective media strategy can grow sales, help move legislation forward or increase donations. The Second Line team has experience crafting speeches, coaching people to appear on camera or in front of crowds and anticipating questions that the media or board member might have.

While we consider ourselves to be among the nation’s top firms when it comes to messaging and brand positioning, our clients see truly impactful results long after their message is delivered. We leverage a combination of industry relationships and cutting-edge technology to raise awareness of your communication and to actively reinforce it so that it gains traction.

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