Reputation Management

Reputation Management

When crisis hits we should be your first phone call.

Founder, Shawna Vercher and her team step in to assess, contain and ultimately manage crisis situations for celebrities, politicians and corporate brands.

Here are a few of the scenarios where we can help:

  • A corporate executive has unflattering or unsavory information about to be made public.
  • A candidate running for office is looking to change the public perception  of who they are or their positions
  • A key figure in an organization is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.
  • A celebrity needs to rehabilitate or revitalize their image before their next appearance
  • An elected official or organization needs to build public support for government funding or legislation
  • A personal or professional scandal needs to be handled discreetly and ethically

We work with onsite teams and local law enforcement to ensure that potentially catastrophic situations are contained and handled appropriately. We then will craft a public message to be delivered to employees, investors, communities or the press that protects your image and advances your agenda. Then our expert team “bats cleanup” by rehabilitating your image. We utilize strategic messaging, public appearances and positive press so that you recover fully when the unexpected happens.

Taking a hit online?

With more stockholders and consumers using online information to research, more than ever before, there are numerous places for them to find where others have left reviews, opinions and experiences. And websites that replicate that information are launched every hour. One negative or positive piece of information can spread like a virus across the internet in a matter of days.

Being proactive and taking control of the conversation is the best way to protect yourself and your brand.

Waiting to see if things become a problem is similar to hoping not to lose the game. Second Line Consulting works with you and your team to proactively create the first impression that will win people over.

By taking control of the conversation online, you can get more people to know how you are, what you stand for and why your message is important to them.

People believe what they see online – especially what’s on the first page of Google. We see this as a great opportunity to help develop people’s view of you.

Your reputation is everything. And you have only 1 of 4 possibilities in online reputation.

  • Stellar – People are raving about you and recommending you to others.
  • Favorable – When people research you, they generally like what they see.
  • Invisible – Though people are searching for you, your products, services or community assistance you provide, you are not appearing as an option.
  • Negative – The more people see references to you online, the worse their opinion of you becomes.

We work to elevate and create positive information, while removing or transplanting items that could be perceived as negative.

Contact Us Today to find out where you are in your Reputation and begin growing a positive reputation of your image.